Fieldmark wool carpets & rugs

End-to-end supply chain control

Fieldmark produces exceptional wool carpets and rugs made in the US from fibre that is sourced and linked directly to our pool of veritable New Zealand farmer suppliers under our Farm Footing Programme.

We specialise in producing customised design, colour and construction on CYP tufting looms from narrow width up to 4m wide broadloom. We supply hospitality, commercial and contract installations along with unique lines for stockists. We can also print on a wool base.

Today our environment is choking and staggering under a tsunami of non-bio-degradable products, so our philosophy is to present a natural product which is sustainably and responsibly produced in order to do our bit to help make this world a better place.

Customised Carpet Design New Zealand Farmer Suppliers

Farm Footing Programme

Our Farm Footing Programme defines the provenance of our product by identifying our fibre suppliers.

We draw them closer to the end consumer via a shortened supply chain which Fieldmark controls.

This allows us to verify that high standards of animal husbandry, environmental stewardship and fibre production are being carried out by our farmer suppliers, along with our oversight of the integrity of each of the subsequent processing stages.

Farm Footing Programme NZ Wool Fibre Suppliers


The designs included here are ideations possible on CYP production tufting looms. Virtually unlimited patterning and colour placement are possible, as well as cut, loop and cut/loop pile textures. Narrow width and up to 4m wide broadloom.

  • Lincoln long wool textile design
  • Fieldmark NZ wool textile design
    Design: DRYSDALE
  • Wiltshire Horn NZ wool textile design
  • Herdwick NZ wool textile design
    Design: HERDWICK
  • Dales Bred NZ wool textile design
    Design: DALES BRED
  • Blue Texel NZ Fieldmark wool textile design
    Design: BLUE TEXEL
  • Cotswold NZ wool textile design
    Design: COTSWOLD
  • Cheviot NZ wool textile design
    Design: CHEVIOT
  • Romney NZ wool textile design
    Design: ROMNEY
  • Ryeland NZ Wool textile design
    Design: RYELAND
  • Corriedale NZ wool textile design
    Design: CORRIEDALE
  • Isle de France NZ wool textile design
    Design: ISLE DE FRANCE

Check back with us as we grow

• Meet our farmers and learn about the provenance of our Farm Footing Programme.

• Learn more about NZ regulatory protocols for farming and the environment.

• Learn about the wondrous properties of natural wool. It’s plainly and simply nice!

Fieldmark New Zealand NZ Wool
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